Who We Are

We are the United Church family in Whitehorse in the Yukon.

We are rooted in the traditions of the United Church of Canada, yet we reflect the characteristics of our "North of 60" location and population.

We act as a caring community of faith, based on a foundation of Biblical teaching and spiritual truth.


Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

Grounded in the teachings of Jesus and open to the work of the Living Spirit of God, we will be an inclusive welcoming community of hope and faith.

We will inspire through our worship.

We will love and engage with our neighbours and work for reconciliation and social justice. Inspired by scripture, we feel compelled to play an important role in dealing with the climate emergency.

We will provide people with fellowship and support along their spiritual journeys, as a place of learning for all ages.

We will encourage those who are interested to become disciples of Christ.

We will approach our future with flexibility, take risks, and try new ways to grow and flourish as a Christian community.

And we will break bread together and sing!

Mission Statement

The Mission of the United Church of Canada in Whitehorse is to be a community of Christian faith that inspires life-long spiritual growth, offers fellowship and support, and is called to reach out with care and intelligent concern for those in need in Whitehorse and beyond in the spirit of the living Christ.

Our Theology

The United Church of Canada has a liberal and open theology. These are best described in our Statements of Faith.

The United Church from time to time restates its faith to address changing contexts. Four statements are recognized as doctrine, subordinate to the primacy of scripture.

A Song of Faith (2006)

A Song of Faith seeks to provide a verbal picture of what the United Church understands its faith to be in our early 21st-century context.

A New Creed (1968)

A New Creed is a brief and well-loved affirmation of faith used widely in our worship.

A Statement of Faith (1940)

United Church doctrine was amplified in the Statement of Faith in 1940.

Twenty Articles of Doctrine (1925)

United Church doctrine was first formulated as the 20 articles in the 1925 Basis of Union—the church's "constitution.”