Property Management Committee

The Property Management Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the church building and grounds of Whitehorse United Church. The church building and grounds is a central physical location for many of our Church family and community activities. Our desire is to make this location a safe and welcoming place.

The committee arranges for necessary repairs. Upgrades to the physical infrastructure are completed to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. The church building is now 28 years old; it is facing some extensive repairs.

The committee also oversees use and rental of the physical facilities. In many situations rental rates are partially to completely subsidized to encourage positive activities within the community. Rentals help provide funding for the other church activities within the WUC budget.

For several years the Property Committee has been working to maintain and update the building infrastructure. In 2015 the kitchen was remodeled and updated. In 2017 the in-ground oil tank was replaced with two above-ground tanks. The roof shingles were replaced in 2019; at the same time extra insulation was placed under the roof. The fluorescent lights in the church were replaced with LED lights early in 2022.

In 2023 the church HVAC system will be upgraded to simplify and automate air circulation controls. It is also planned to install air sourced heat pumps for Lewis Hall and the Sanctuary to reduce the church building carbon footprint.