Small Groups

There are a variety of small groups that meet, and the Church encourages this.  Some of the existing groups are listed below. For group contact information, please call 867-667-2989 or email the church office at


United Church Quilting Community (UCQC)

They meet monthly over a weekend at the Church and make quilts.

Wandering Mystics

They meet for discussions on religion and spirituality.

Wild Church

They meet seasonally for worship in the wild, with silence and discussion.

Writers’ Group

They meet for discussion about writings, giving feedback on each others’ work, and sharing  stories.

Shawl Making

This group makes shawls and provides them to the church to be presented when the need arises.

Secret Sisters

They meet in the fall and names are exchanged. Presents are presented during the year to your secret sister and in the Spring a dinner is held, and the secret sisters are revealed.